Unit 4 d1 d2 praful

Nov 23, Explain formula used. Dec 2, Here in this question, one train had reached in 9 hrs and another one in 16 hrs. The first train reached faster than the second one ,clearly it should have more speed than the second one, as we know that time and speed are inversely proportional and comparing all answers, 4:

Unit 4 d1 d2 praful

This theory has been pointed out as being enforced on a person rather than them being apart of it freely. This theory is known as stating that elder people should disengage but also remain as active as they can. It is said that being active in some forms means they would not become completely isolated from society.

This theory was established by Robert J. It takes the view that the ageing process is delayed and the quality of life is enhanced when old people remain socially active. Discuss two major theories of ageing in relation to the development of the individual.

Bellow I will be discussing the disengagement and activity theory in relation to my individual Kehlani Parish, though my individual has not reached the elder lifestage I will be basing my information on what I have found in general and how it can possibly affect Kehlani in the future, whether she will choose to engage in activity or drift away from it.

Unit 4 d1 d2 praful

This theory believes that people disengage and withdraw themselves from a social environment because as they age they have less opportunities. Within this theory individual who withdraw themselves believe to be better off in their lives without the stress from maintaining social relationships.

As such, the theory argues that it is natural and acceptable for older adults to withdraw from society. Boundless,Disengagement Theory, https: The creators of the disengagement theory gave a basis for the reasoning of this theory with nine disengagement processes these are: As a result, every person will lose ties to others in his or her society.

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Because individual interactions between people strengthen norms, an individual who has fewer varieties of interactions has greater freedom from the norms imposed by interaction. Consequently, this form of disengagement becomes a circular or self-perpetuating process.

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Because men have a centrally instrumental role and women a socioemotional one, disengagement differs between men and women. For example, aging, a form of ego change, causes knowledge and skill to deteriorate. However, success in an industrialized society demands certain knowledge and skill.

To satisfy these demands, age-grading ensures that the young possess sufficient knowledge and skill to assume authority and the old retire before they lose their skills. This kind of disengagement is effected by the individual, prompted by either ego changes or the organisation—which is bound to organisational imperatives—or both.

When both the individual and society are ready for disengagement, complete disengagement results. When neither is ready, continuing engagement results.Unit 4 D2 - Evaluate the effectiveness of business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of an organisation, using examples to illustrate its point.

What is the syntax for Match, Vlookup and INDEX?

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Unit 4 d1 d2 praful

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