Translation and editing services

Spanish to English How long does it take to translate a document? For example, Japanese to English translation of a —word document would take around 4—6 days. How can I send my documents to you for a Translation?

Translation and editing services

Our translators provide an excellent certified translation and complex solutions for corporations and Language Service Providers Worldwide on nearly any platform.

Our translation include skilfull translators, audio voice-over, e-learning, captions for YouTube or HD Video. Experience Our translators have years of hands-on experience. We draw on our translation and localization experience and proven track record to assess the best approach for your project and a perfect result.

Our translation firm will deliver a quality second to none. We provide a custom solution for your company whether it involves creating local versions of software in Asian languages such as ERP, CMS, business applications on the cloud or content for games.

Get a Quote Translation in Malaysia We not only translation and editing services local clients with official translation but also provide translation in Singapore as well as worldwide!

VEQTA is a choice you can depend on. Located in Kuala Lumpur, and with representatives in Bangkok, we have the strategic benefit of operating in a low-cost environment and thus allowing us to provide a high-quality service for very competitive prices.

VEQTA is further enhanced by the technology that we use. VEQTA has thousands of linguists delivering translation in many different languages. We use translators and copy editors with outstanding language ability who can bring consistency to each job as well as perform specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology in a foreign language.

All our translators fulfil our strict criteria which is listed below: All our linguists have native language proficiency with superior writing skills. Selected for their years of professional work in the field.

Individually selected translators for their expertise and vetted by passing a comprehensive skills test Why use a Translation Company? We are great at the core of our business — translation! This allows for optimal delivery and promotion of their services around the world.

We are well-resourced and equipped to localize your documents. We regularly translate files related to industries such as manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail.

VEQTA has a full suite of services including, but not limited to, subject matter expertise, document translation, webpages, e-Learning, software and voice-over for all purposes. In regard to translation for documentswe ensure to select a professional linguist that resides in your target geography.

Over the last couple of decades, translation has become increasingly complex. Growing demand and easier access to the service has created a sea of potential choices. The key to making the right choice is to be educated. We believe that many players in our industry, in an effort to differentiate themselves, would insist they have built a better solution.

The vast majority of assignments still require, quite simply: A Team of Skilled Translators to convert the desired copy by translation, editing and proofreading. A Project Manager to supervise the translators and manage the project life cyclefrom beginning to end.

A Single Point of Contact to manage client contact and discuss client needs. This workflow enables us produce translations that are consistent and accurate.

We guarantee to express the same meaning as conveyed in the original source. Read more details in our translation service FAQ.Our translation services include editing and proofreading by an independent expert at no additional charge. All of our projects go through a complete TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) process.

We also offer proofreading and editing services for translations completed by another source/10(). The starting point for the Translation Editing service is £ per word, which means that the cost for a manuscript of 80, words is likely to be in the region of £, but it may well cost more if the work requires close attention, and we will quote a lower fee if less work is required.

Language Editing Plus. This option goes a step further than our existing English Language Editing service by providing you with the most advanced language editing package available.

translation and editing services

GTS provides professional website translation services, get a quote online. Use our free website translator to translate web pages in over 30 languages.

translation and editing services

GTS provides professional website translation services, get a quote online. Once you are done post-editing and /5(33).

Translation and editing services fit into a larger category called language services. Language services make up a $38 billion industry (source: Common Sense Advisory).

Translation and interpreting are both part of the industry; so are editing and DTP. CCJK offers professional language translation services globally for all popular languages. We are also delivering state of the art IT services in web development, graphic design, multimedia and e-learning.

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