The knowledge economy essay

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The knowledge economy essay

They suggest that in this realm, innovation and the creation of new products in the marketplace are keys to success. It is believed that attempting to compete with other similar companies is a useless strategy and instead using knowledge workers to innovate and expand on existing markets is the protocol.

IBM is used as a case study to demonstrate how attempting to compete with other similar companies and products can be disastrous. While IBM and Compaq continued to compete with one another, more sophisticated and cheaper computer models were being built with knowledge workers implementing better technology.

Sociological analysis can bring to light the organizational processes of implementing new corporate cultures through the knowledge management industry. Entire companies may need to completely revamp their strategies to execute needed changes to stay abreast of this new type of economy.

Those who do not have the creativity to share in the creation of new knowledge and technology may find themselves alienated from the workplace and even replaced. As technology and ways of administering college education constantly change, there may be an even greater feeling of anomie and these individual feelings of worthlessness due to a useless degree can change the scope of higher education.

Many potential students may opt of college altogether and this illustrates how the economy can effect many paradigms outside of this realm. I found this article very valuable in revealing the business side of the knowledge economy versus the strictly sociological or economic side of this new post-capitalist market.

I found the suggestions for improving innovation within companies useful and this information can be used to conduct needs assessments for industrial sociologists and others, who use their sociology skills in an organizational setting.

This article and others like it can also be used by sociologist in project evaluations in a business, clinical setting. For these reasons, the article is very useful. Due to the IBM case study and the previous mention of the downfall of this company in course readings, I connected both the economic and individual effects of this type of business error.

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More ideas were stimulated in that I realized that beyond class study, there is a need to stay abreast of the current changes in the economy. Utilizing internships or conducting research into successful companies that employ knowledge management is wise to remain a competitive worker in this post-capitalism era.

Reading this article, also made me realize the importance of conducting research and doing article reviews in areas of interest to me. To but it bluntly, I cannot simply rely on my degree and cannot do the minimum amount of study while in college.

I would have liked to have seen more sociological terms used in the article, although studying the business jargon used was a valuable learning experience.

I would have liked to see more information on the IBM scenario that was similar to the way it was presented in our readings. This case study did seem like it was skimmed over and showed only the business end of the downfall of the company and not the sociological or psychological effects on the IBM workers.

I would have like to have seen too how these knowledge workers are trained and what qualifications allow them to work in such a field. Much is left unsaid in this article, though from a business standpoint much is presented that can be useful for reasons stated in the third paragraph.

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Economy: Essay on Knowledge Based Economy

In The Purpose Of Knowledge For Aquinas, An Argument. In the purpose of knowledge for Aquinas, an argument he presents is that he believes that goodness is divided into three parts which are the noble, useful and pleasant.

Reaction Paper: A Roadmap to the Philippines' Future: Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy The presentation discussed basic information about the Philippines' plan on building the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) as part of the Medium Term Development Plan by the Arroyo administration.

Sep 27,  · Science is knowledge. Knowledge is our survival strategy, as a species. Civilization is oriented toward the discovery, securing, and expansion of knowledge.

"Slow progress in operationalizing knowledge management at the level of the enterprise translates into uneven transition into a knowledge economy. As a country, the French are wrestling with many of the same issues and challenges are other nations of the world. Knowledge and learning The knowledge-based economy is affected by the increasing use of information technologies, it is not synonymous with the information society. The knowledge - based economy is characterised by the need for continuous learning of both codified information and the competencies to use this information. Essay "Two great themes dominate his remarks here and in what will follow: Knowledge and power, the Baconian theme. As Blafour justifies the necessity for British occupation of Egypt, supremacy in his mind is associated with "our" knowledge of Egypt and not principally with military or economic power." He describes the desire for knowledge .

The word ‘science’ is shorthand for the heroic collective human endeavor to learn, share, do, and improve. Read any book, essay or article about business these days, and you are . All economic activity is in this sense planning; and in any society in which many people collaborate, this planning, whoever does it, will in some measure have to be based on knowledge which, in the first instance, is not given to the planner but to somebody else, .

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The knowledge economy essay

The pattern that is working that is shifting may be that the effect of worldwide economy. All is upgrading the knowledge at your calendar and sharing it by unique buddies.

A research outline a part of a dissertation or a. Knowledge Economy is an economy that is driven by research, ideas, innovations, and technical skills to generate high impact economic benefits and high paying jobs. Knowledge is a product, tool, and is an asset that can be used to create the next generation of technology and financial increase.

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