Supply mgmt case studies

Download PDF Ensuring a complete, well-defined business process helped simplify configuration and adoption of a new system for this sausage producer. Within three months the application was configured, including inbound data feeds recycled from the existing Manugistics implementation, and detailed business scenario testing began. Each solver engine has its unique strength, end-user and setup efforts.

Supply mgmt case studies

LogisticsTechnologySupply Chain Agilent provides sophisticated products to laboratories worldwide. Partnering with a strategic activation company to encourage employee buy-in reduced the time it took to launch new supply chain initiatives by 83 percent.

The first step in Agilent's supply chain restructuring strategy was encouraging employee buy-in and Supply mgmt case studies through a training and educational platform. How does a global company become more nimble and streamlined?

For Agilent Technologies, a high-tech life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical company with more than 12, employees operating across three continents, it meant merging three separate supply lines and creating one global supply chain to speed product flow to customers. The most crucial step was educating employees and getting them on board.

Goodbye, Linear Supply Chain. Hello, Digital Supply Network - Inbound Logistics

Integrating the supply chain was not easy, given the complexities and specificity of the range of Agilent's products. The Santa Clara, California-based company provides everything from measurement systems for detecting chemical, viral, bacteria, or microbiological contaminants to instruments that analyze and verify evidence at trials.

Its customers are laboratories worldwide in six major markets: The company started its supply chain overhaul in They held town-hall meetings to discuss the company's new unified global supply chain strategy, dubbed Power of One.

By using the CorpU platform—and its precision tools, procedures, and metrics for both engaging and educating employees—Agilent was able to cut the time to transition from design to implementation for new supply chain strategies from months to just 10 days.

And, they engage in a conversation as we teach them the Power of One strategy. The mistake that many companies make when changing strategy is that they don't engage their people. CorpU follows up the strategy sprints for department heads and managers with learning sprints for a broader range of employees.

Agilent's first course for employees took 10 days, 30 minutes each day, and centered on building skills and teaching the theories and framework of the new supply chain systems. Then, we can derive best practices from these discussions," says Todd. We are able to see where people are engaged and where they connected.

CorpU studies show that when leadership and management get attached to the shared vision, their enthusiasm rubs off on their associates.

They are part of the strategy, we asked for their thoughts and feedback, and we addressed their suggestions. They also participate in idea tournaments. The process is interactive and fun, and it raises the level of engagement. Then management says, 'I heard you, you have identified some obstacles and here is what we will do about them.

Evaluating management and employee involvement is not left to chance or gut feelings.Employment Equity. Accenture is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis as protected by applicable law.

MODUSLINK CASE STUDY: CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CLIENT A Case Study in Supply Chain Management Efficient planning and flexible operations enable supply chains to scale with ease to meet the challenges of high growth and seasonal.

As customer service requirements become more complex, supply chain optimization studies are the foundation for some of the most successful companies’ logistics and fulfillment operations. We look at the best practices behind supply chain optimization. Note: 1. To order the Case book online, click on the Buy now button and select the book from the list of available books.: 2.

Supply mgmt case studies

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