Schwetzingen castle and mythology

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Schwetzingen castle and mythology

Geography[ edit ] Schwetzingen is located in the Rhine - Neckar -triangle in the plain of the Rhine river, lying west of the Odenwald and in the east of the Rhine.

A small stream, the Leimbach, runs through the city before joining the Rhine. Neighbouring municipalities[ edit ] The following municipalities, listed clockwise beginning in the north, border on the city limits of Schwetzingen: The municipal area of Schwetzingen is completely consolidated with Oftersheim.

The limits of Plankstadt are only separated by one street from the limits of Schwetzingen. History[ edit ] Schwetzingen was mentioned as "Suezzingen" for the first time inrecorded in the late twelfth-century Codex Aureus of Lorschbut there are already traces of settlement from the Stone Age.

Originally it consisted of two settlements, Ober- and Unterschwetzingen, that grew together in the course of the 17th and 18th century. Originally the town belonged to the diocese of Wormsbut later passed to the Counts of the Palatinate in the 12th century. Schwetzingen Castle The moated castle of Schwetzingen is mentioned for the first time in Later on it served as a summer residence of the Elector of the Palatinate and their court.

Schwetzingen Castle began as a simple aristocratic fishing retreat much like Versailles and Karlsruhe which began as hunting lodges and had an eventful architectural history, in several phases of construction, especially during the reigns of the Elector Karl III Philip and Karl IV Theodor — who, as their answer to Versailles, embellished the castle gardens with some of the finest and most elaborate formal water parterres in Germany gardens.

As it evolved, the high central Baroque block of the Castle was extended to either side from onwards in matching curved ranges of glazed arcades that were punctuated by pavilions which followed the arc of the vast garden circle.

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They partly enclose the circle bisected by a wide gravel axis flanked by parterres which centers on a spring-fed water-basin inspired by the bassin of Diana at Versailles, but here expressing the more appropriately water-centered Greek myth of the poet Arion and the dolphins.

In Schwetzingen received permission to host markets and was developed into a baroque city through the 18th century. In all the territories of the Palatine electorate east of the Rhineincluding Schwetzingen were absorbed into the Grand Duchy of Baden and the castle became a residence of the Grand Dukes of Baden.

The beginning of industrialization in Schwetzingen in the year made the city an important seat of cigar factories and canneries.

Schwetzingen Castle and Mythology

For more information visit:Schwetzingen Castle and Mythology: The Connection The beauty and history of the grounds at Schwetzingen Castle is unmistakable. There is a deep history part of its roots in mythology.

There are over one hundred statues that decorate the property with many that depict some kind of god, hero or representation of something in mythology. There [ ].

Schwetzingen castle and mythology

Visiting Heidelberg as a daytrip from Frankfurt. I visited Heidelberg Castle as a daytrip from Frankfurt.


Frankfurt is home to Germany’s biggest airport, and is the . Plan to visit Schwetzingen Castle (Schloss), Germany. Get details of Location, timings and contact. Find the reviews and ratings to know better.

Download free pictures about Angloisen, Schlossgarten from Pixabay's library of over 1,, public domain photos, illustrations and vectors - Statue of Ceres (greek Demeter) - ancient roman goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth - in historic Gardens of Boboli in Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe.

Schwetzingen Castle and its castle garden are only two reasons to visit the charming town of Schwetzingen. From here, the route continues via Plankstadt and Eppelheim to Heidelberg. Already visible from afar, the castle ruin of Heidelberg Castle towers over the Old Town.

Schwetzingen castle and mythology
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