Orange hitlers

Site of Hitler's Bunker and New Reich Chancellery Separate from the entry for Wilhelmstrasse From August to January a festive hall was erected in the Reichskanzlei's garden, which had an air-raid shelter.

Orange hitlers

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For the past year, Lamont has had a different identity: Orange County Men's Jail inmate No. A deputy locks the door behind him, so nobody can attack him while he's on the telephone.

Orange hitlers

It's a rare break from being locked in his cell all day to keep him away from the rest of the jail's population, especially the white inmates—many of whom, Lamont says, are Nazis who want to kill him. It's not just that Lamont, who is white, has violated the Aryan Orange hitlers ban on hanging out with black inmates.

It's not just that to ensure his protection while in jail, he converted to Islam, although that alone would be sufficient to put him on the Aryan Brotherhood's shit list.

And it's not just that Lamont calls himself an anarchist, a member of a movement that has a reputation for getting into fistfights with skinheads. No, these Nazis want to kill Lamont because, prosecutors allege, Lamont tried to kill a whole building full of Nazis.

To his supporters, most of whom know the wiry year-old through the Long Beach anarchist collective where he used to live, Lamont is a political prisoner.

They say his arrest and Orange hitlers incarceration is proof that Long Beach police conspired to destroy their collective, the Info-Shop.

They say police accomplished that by spying on activists like Lamont and taking advantage of post-Sept. One thing that is obvious is that Lamont didn't get attached to anarchism by reading books by Goldberg or Chomsky. Instead, as seems to be the case with the rest of his cohorts, believing in anarchy simply meant rejecting all forms of authority—parents, teachers and especially cops.

It translated his vague sense of frustration with capitalism and law enforcement into a way of life. According to police, at least, it was enthusiasm for anarchy that led Lamont from Long Beach to La Habra on that April day.

Exactly how he ended up in such a predicament is a story that only he knows, and it's a tale that, for the most part, he refuses to tell.

Last month, he received a three-year sentence after he pleaded no contest to charges of possessing a destructive device—a plastic jug full of gasoline that police found in the car he was in. Since he has already been in jail for a year, however, he's likely to serve only eight more months behind bars.

Because he's appealing the case, he won't say much, just that police pulled over the car he was traveling in because they were spying on his anarchist collective and that the traffic stop—as well as the subsequent search of his car—was illegal.

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The report details how police discovered that members of Aryan Nations were planning a birthday party for Hitler at La Habra's Moose Lodge. An anarchist group called the Anti-Racist Action found out about the event on April 19 and posted an Internet alert calling for activists to protest at the Moose Lodge.

The Long Beach police began watching the Info-Shop the following day. Matthew Lamont left the Info-Shop with the subjects in the white Acura and when he walked from the Info-Shop to the car, he was carrying what appeared to be an empty one-gallon plastic milk-type jug and a three-gallon plastic water-type jug.

About an hour later, police saw Lamont leave the concert with another anarchist, Maxwell Lucas, who was driving the Acura.

They followed the car to a Ralphs grocery store and waited while Lucas and Lamont went inside. When they came out 15 minutes later, one of the detectives thought he saw a bulge in Lamont's baggy pants that wasn't there when he went in the store.

Orange hitlers

From there, the officers followed the Acura north on the 57 freeway, then west along Imperial Highway. They briefly lost sight of the car but then spotted it at a gas station along La Habra Boulevard. The police report states that the detectives couldn't see if Lamont and Lucas were pumping gas into the car or something else.

But the car drove past the lodge.

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By the time police actually stopped the vehicle, the Acura had crossed out of La Habra and entered the Los Angeles County city of Whittier.

The newsletter labeled the device a 'milk jug' incendiary device. The only difference between the drawing and the actual device was the drawing described the flammable material as kerosene rather than gasoline.

Anyway, he argued, the Hitler birthday party had been canceled, so there was nobody at the Moose Lodge for Lamont to harm. And as they went past where the event was to take place, they kept on going.Some people are larger than life. Hitler is larger than death. – Don DeLillo, novelist The passenger-side door was swung wide open, the front seat flipped up.

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