Master thesis reflection mulan

Advertisements It has been over a year since I first began writing my thesis, and about nine months since I completed it. As I delved into the research, I began to wonder how American cultural history affected the trajectory opera took in America and where it finds itself today. It is amazing how much has changed in my life since its completion.

Master thesis reflection mulan

Excerpt Assess how feminist ideology is organised within a key animated text of master thesis reflection mulan choice. Animation holds the power to create a narrative of hidden connotations and therefore the ability to distort reality from fairy-tale.

This power has led to animation becoming a key way to express ideologies that go against hegemonies. One of the revolutionary narrative discourses in targeting feminist ideologies is that which redefines traditional characteristics of femininity.

master thesis reflection mulan

In discovering the influences on media culture and its development we can be drawn to Disney, as a hugely influential and globally popular animation company, specialising in targeting children with the ability to draw adults into its deeper more sinister relations.

The animation draws on gender hierarchy and the way in which it makes women devoid of social mobility or equality among men. A key feminist ideology is her ability to transgress traditional values and seek individuality, to be oneself.

Feminist ideology implements around an awakening outside of traditional restraining cultural factors. She loves her father dearly and wants to please him and empower his masculinity, but she also wants to protect him and prove herself able.

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After this scene Mulan is seen in the rain at night, the imagery is sorrowful and she looks weak, then suddenly her eyebrows invert connoting masculinity and strength as she decides to prepare herself to take his place in war. Mulan becomes a role model for women, the film is empowering towards feminist ideologies, and it provides a framework for children that encourages them to challenge the rigid structure of conformist culture.

She determined the worth of girls by evaluating their suitability for the role of the virtuous wife and good mother Yin,pp.

master thesis reflection mulan

Her inability to be a perfect bride lead her to feel disdain and she feels outcaste by the rest of society. Chinese women are a subordinate commodity for men. This impacts on why women are restricted from their voice, because… "Man's vision of woman is not objective, but an uneasy combination of what he wishes her to be and what he fears her to be, and it is to this mirror image that woman has had to comply.

The image of uncertainty on Mulan portrays her realisation of how truly undermined women really are, she has been able to step outside the social structure and become an on looker of the chaos of stigmatised norms and values.Final Abstract While reflecting on the experience of writing a thesis, I came to the realization that I truly enjoyed this process, at least most of it.

The connection between the Master’s thesis and the reflection document and how the reflection should be carried out and reported is described in an attachment to the course plan for the thesis [14].

The Representation of Gender in Walt Disney's "Mulan" - Sonja Blum - Term Paper - American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography - Publish your bachelor's or master.

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Disney's "Mulan". Feminist Ideology in Animation - Molly Nicholls - Essay - Film Science - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. The Representation of Gender in Walt Disney's "Mulan" - Sonja Blum - Term Paper - American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis.

Category: Thesis reflections Posted in Personal, Reflection, Thesis reflections She made me do it! Posted on July 29, by Kelly-Ann Power. My Master’s buddy, Laura made me apply to graduate on October 13th.

And now I’m freaking out. After great critical reflection, I had a discussion with my advisor that maybe I needed a change.

Mulan, the Chinese Woman Warrior