Market analysis and consumer behavior towards

Understanding consumer behavior is a broad and complicated task, but with the right research mix you can begin to get a detailed understanding of your customers and their motivations. What is consumer behavior? Consumer behavior is the study of individuals and organizations and how they select and use products and services. It is mainly concerned with psychology, motivations, and behavior.

Market analysis and consumer behavior towards

It describes tire classical schools, tire managerial schools and the behavioral schools of marketing and examines their influence in shaping consumer behavior. Finally, it attempts to forecast the new emerging trends in consumer behavior as a consequence of the emerging adaptive marketing school of thought.

Market analysis and consumer behavior towards

The purpose of this paper is to trace the historical dependence and allegiance of consumer behavior on the discipline and practice of marketing. It then attempts to - forecast emerging trends in consumer behavior research and theory as a consequence of new and emerging schools of marketing thought.

Over the years, marketing has shifted its reliance on other disciplines as well as its focus of understanding. This gave way to the managerial schools of marketing thought in which tire focus of attention and understanding shifted to the individual customers while social sciences disciplines continued to dominate marketing thinking.

Eventually, marketing kept its focus on individual customers but began to borrow more and more from the behavioral sciences. This resulted in what I will call as the behavioral schools of marketing thought. More recentlymarketing has begun to shift its attention away from the individual customers and concentrate oil the markets.

In tire process, it is also relying less on the behavioral sciences and more on tire traditional social sciences. We shall call this emerging trend as adaptive schools of marketing thought.

It appears that each marketing era lids motivated specific types of consumer behavior research, and thereby shape its history with respect L o t b e substantive body of knowledge, research methodology as well as theory development. Figure 1 summarizes the parallels between marketing and consumer behavior.

The rest of the paper will enumerate elements of each of the four phases of marketing thought and its impact on consumer behavior.

The Classical schools of marketing are identified as tire commodity school, the functional School, and the institutional School. The commodity school focused on the objects of market transactions, and generated the specialty - shopping - convenience goods trichotany which is still popular in marketing practice.

The functional school focused on the activities inherent in market transactions and generated a classification of functions such as grading, assortment and physical distribution. Finally, tire institutional school focused oil the agents of markets transactions such as wholesalers and retailers which resulted ill channels of distribution and value added services provided by tire middlemen.

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Sheth, Gardner and Garrett The classical schools of marketing thought were influenced by concepts of demand theory in microeconomics, spatial markets and trading areas in economic geography, and by metro vs. This focus oil the aggregate market behavior and reliance on microeconomics, economic geography and economic anthropology resulted in a similar focus and reliance in consumer behavior.

Thus, early history of consumer behavior generated theories, research methods, and substantive knowledge in such areas as Consumption economics necessities vs. There also emerged distinct research traditions. For example, case studies, market surveys, and tire use of census data became more prevalent as methods of understanding consumer behavior.

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The managerial schools of marketing thought emerged in the early fifties soon after World War If and tire consequent unprecedented economic boom partly fueled up new product introductions.From the proposed definition of clean label and the consumer research that has shown which food categories are assumed to possess characteristics related to clean label, we can identify categories of food products from which consumers can infer the ‘cleanliness’ of food products.

The objectives of the study are, 1) to study the consumer behavior towards purchase of ecofriendly products in Coimbatore, 2) to find out the factors influencing the consumers purchase decision of ecofriendly products and 3) to sort out the problems faced by the green consumers.

Our research to study consumer behavior on e-marketing is based on certain objectives: Research on the effect of consumer behaviour towards e-marketing is a descriptive research.

Market analysis and consumer behavior towards

Here population Since data collected is nonparametric in nature therefore data analysis is done using CHI SQUARE test at 5% significance level (α=). ABSTRACT - This paper attempts to demonstrate that history of consumer behavior with respect to research methodology, substantive knowledge, and the influence of external disciplines has been highly intertwined with the history of marketing thought.

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In which this information is particularly the understanding of the consumers’ attitude and behavior toward various types of. A Study on Consumer Behavior Towards Select Branded Food Items Mr.

Rajiv Vyas1, Dr. JK Sharma2, Dr. R. B. Sharma3 1Research Scholar, The size of the consumer market in all the Data Analysis.

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