Intel germany master thesis outline

In this role, he is responsible for the overall business development and management in this region, including sales, marketing, and business operations. Franco Bassanini Chairman of the executive board of Open Fiber Franco Bassanini, former Italian Cabinet Minister for Public Administration and Regional Affairs and Professor of Constitutional Law at the First University of Rome, is now President of Astrid Foundation, an Italian think tank gathering together about scientists and experts in the field of public policies, European and National law and institutions, public administration's reform, market regulation and e-government www. He is also Chairman of the executive board of Open Fiber. He has been member of the E.

Intel germany master thesis outline

He introduces how and why the TRIZ activities have declined slowly these days and then, converged with the Design Thinking process that have made at d. The effective strategy to promote and practice TRIZ and Design thinking in companies through findings and lessons learnt from Korean practices may be very helpful to Chinese TRIZ experts and professors.

The article represents an analysis of educational process of students of Universities at development of innovative activity on the basis of the TRIZ. We described the experience of mastering innovations at the theoretical level by introducing disciplines into the content of education, and also at the practical level - providing the opportunity to participate in work with real problems, and skills creation of using received knowledge.

Our experiment on the introduction of innovative solutions in the process of teaching students made it possible to determine changes in content of the learning process andand in the system of knowledge evaluation.

The developed exercises, the structure of consultations and accompanying material contribute to the formation of students' skills in solving real-practical problems in the educational process. Approbation of the author's course on the intel germany master thesis outline of TRIZ for schoolchildren of years was completed - Second stage Programs for schoolchildren and students were implemented; courses for improving the qualification for the accompanying staff, conceptual provisions were tested.

Theoretical positions and results of approbation of the course were presented by the PhD thesis on the topic "Creative tasks as a means of development of creativity of junior schoolchildren in the educational process" and the Master's thesis "Development of creative abilities of junior schoolchildren on the basis of TRIZ".

Courses for various targeted training in the field of TRIZ education for primary school students, middle school students, students, teaching and administrative staff of educational institutions were developed.

intel germany master thesis outline

So, for example, in the period from to more than schoolchildren attended the course "Lessons of creativity" through the system of additional education. More than teachers-professors passed courses of improvement of professional skill and preparation based on TRIZ for the period from to The conceptual provisions developed in collaboration with the teams of the TRIZ community were tested.

For example, the provisions of innovative elements of education and corresponding support were presented in the project "Creator" a team of TRIZ developers from Russia, Latvia, USA, Belaruspresented for the contest "Skolkovo School" Psychological features of the construction of didactic models of work with the problem in the educational process were presented in the demo version of the electronic textbook "Fundamentals of creative solutions: We created the course of solving problems for students of Korean elementary school gradesas well as a set of scientific and methodological support, including a workbook for organizing individual work, handouts for organizing group work, card files and animation TRIZ as a method of analysis and creation of environmentally friendly and sustainable technological systems Abstract: This presentation discusses the following issues: For practical use in engineering, it is necessary to have many specialized versions of TRIZ, differing in their nomenclature and content.

Between the various versions of TRIZ there are certainly analogies. Some large corporations already use specialized versions of TRIZ, adapted to their fields of activity. Specialized versions of TRIZ are used to increase the operational efficiencyto reduce energy consumption, to improve equipment performance and to minimize waste.

This presentation deals with the development of a version of TRIZ for the synthesis and operation of continuous technological processes.

intel germany master thesis outline

These processes play a central role in the environmental sphere. TRIZ methods were used, for example, in the following projects continuous technological processes: Training on the use of TRIZ methods in the framework of interdisciplinary research takes place in the unity of teaching and science.Background: Zinovy Royzen is a Master of TRIZ certified by Genrich Altshuller, the creator of TRIZ.

He is the founder and President of TRIZ Consulting, Inc., Seattle, Washington, the first company in USA provided TRIZ services for education, projects creation and related problems solving.

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