Imagining my perfect room

As someone who is trying to recover from a negative body image brought on by childhood abuse, I picked this book up with the intention of possibly unwrenching some underlying negative body image views I have. I was hoping for something to rally around, some " we are all in this together and we are all beautiful" type of mentality.

Imagining my perfect room

There are several guidelines you need to follow when trying to create your ideal bedroom.

Imagining my perfect room

Listed are the major factors that can make or break a bedroom to fit your taste and lifestyle. Some colors can inspire tranquility and peace. Other shades can provoke energy and excitement. Some shades can even ignite anger, aggression, and hate.

So if you want a warm and relaxing room, paint it yellow or green. If you want sophistication, go for black. If you want the feel of abundance and prosperity, then go for purple this is also the color favored by feng shui—an ancient art and science developed over 3, years ago in China.

Orange is a great color for a stimulating and sociable room. Red should be your color if you are aiming for passion. Bright for when you have stuff to do like reading or balancing your checkbook. However, if you cannot adjust the lighting inside your room, better have a night lamp near your bed for those times when you do not want bright light.

Room Ventilation If you are like most people, you spend most of your time inside your room. Your bedroom is where you rest, so proper room ventilation should be given serious consideration. A properly ventilated room makes it comfortable for you to stay inside your room for long periods of time, so you need to have enough access to fresh air.

Having windows will assist in the ventilation of your room.

Imagining my perfect room

Or you can also put an air conditioning unit or electric fans. Furniture Size Be careful when shopping for furniture. Sometimes it is important to first consider the furniture measurement and the size of your bedroom before listening to the compulsive buyer inside each of us. Snooze Box Coziness Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom.

When buying a new bed, make sure to try it out before you take it home. Test it for comfort, and make sure it gives you enough support. Take your time choosing and asking questions.

There are various types of bed that can fit your bedroom space and budget, such as an air bed, water bed, or divan bed. Divans are boxed-like beds popularized in the Middle East.

TV in the Bedroom We all want to be entertained after a tiring day of work, right? Will putting a television in our room satisfy our multitasking need to rest and watch your favorite TV show? However, if you want your room strictly for rest, it is not advisable to have a television set.

The same thing can be said about having a computer in your bedroom. You can always get the perfect bedroom, as long as you know how to properly execute your goal.

Keep in mind that being practical and wise when making decisions is always the key in realizing your plan. Do you feel like you have the perfect bedroom?

What would you change to make your room more comfortable? Ruth Mendez is a dedicated housewife and a mother of 2.

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Your Perfect Bedroom. Olivia Tatum. 1. 5. What is your personality? Girly girl! Im fun, bubbly, and outgoing and love clothes and shopping! I'm super smart! What is your room like now? Full of posters of HOTTT GUYS!

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My trophies and medals are hung up on the shelves! Full of activities and stuff to do! A bunch of clothes are everywhere! Do you have a perfect living room? Is it too perfect to live in? One of the mysteries of life is why people spend so much time and money decorating a living room and so little time actually living in it.

It becomes a “company” room and, in my opinion, a waste of space and resources. You can make.

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