Cooperative collegiate essay competition

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Cooperative collegiate essay competition

Options for a negotiated settlement are limited in some cases by a fixed pie a set amount of rewards that must be divided one way or the other.


Such situations leave no alternative for mutual gains and therefore parties must utilize competitive negotiation tactics to pursue their goal s. Competitive approaches align with the process of distributive bargainingwhich result in win-lose outcomes. A competitive approach to conflict tends to increase animosity and distrust between parties and is generally considered destructive.

It is important to remember though, that negotiating an acceptable agreement always includes common and conflicting goals. Therefore both cooperation and competition are necessary to some extent in order to reach resolution. In other words, "[n]egotiators must learn, in part from each other, what is jointly possible and desirable.

To do so requires some degree of cooperation. But, at the same time, they seek to advance their individual interests. This involves some degree of competition. Scholars in the field of social psychology, particularly Morton Deutsch, have developed theories about factors that influence whether a person approaches a conflict cooperatively or competitively.

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The most important factors are the nature of the dispute and the goals each side seeks to achieve as a result of it. According to his theory, the type of interdependence existing between negotiating parties will largely guide how they interact.

Deutsch identifies two basic types of goal interdependence -- positive and negative. Constructive and Destructive Processes, The approach or conflict style a negotiator chooses to take when entering negotiations may be based on rational criteria, such as selecting the style that will most likely lead to the desired goals.

However, the personalities of the people involved may also play a significant role in which conflict styles are brought to the negotiating table.

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Thus, it is also possible that some people consistently use a certain style "because they have a personality predisposition to do so. A competing style -- high on assertiveness and low on cooperativeness.

An accommodating style -- low on assertiveness and high on cooperativeness. An avoiding style -- low on both assertiveness and cooperativeness. A collaborating style -- high on both assertiveness and cooperativeness. A compromising style -- moderate on both assertiveness and cooperativeness.

Additional insights into competitive and cooperative approaches to conflict are offered by Beyond Intractability project participants Cooperative styles are characterized by: These groups have less problems communicating with and understanding others.

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Members tend to be generally more satisfied with the group and its solutions as well as being impressed by the contributions of other group members. Communication is obstructed as the conflicting parties try to gain advantage by misleading each other through false promises and misinformation.

The competitive process fosters the notion that the solution of the conflict can only be imposed by one side on the other. This process tends to expand the range of contested issues and turns the conflict into a power struggle, with each side seeking to win outright.

This sort of escalation raises the motivational significance of the conflict for the participants and makes them more likely to accept a mutual disaster rather than a partial defeat or compromise.

Cooperative collegiate essay competition

Competition in sports, for example, encourages each side to strive for excellence. Although most sporting events are structured in a win-lose sort of way, good sportsmanship norms ensure that the games are played fairly, and in many instances, the loser gets to come back and play again on equal ground.BROWNELLS/NRA DAY: Brownells/NRA Day events provide adults, youth, families, hunters, sportsmen, competitors - literally everyone - the opportunity to come together under a formal program to learn, experience, share, and grow in appreciation of the shooting sports.

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Effects of Cooperative and Competitive Approaches. Morton Deutsch's theory of cooperation and competition includes predictions about what sort of interactions will occur between negotiating parties as a result of their disputing style.

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Essay contest winners will be selected and notified in May of with formal presentation of award checks at a later date. Eligibility: The contest is open to all Oklahoma 4-H Members age 13 and older.

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