An introduction to the charlie chaplin in the movie city lights

As his own producer and distributor part owner of United ArtistsChaplin could still conceive City Lights as a silent film.

An introduction to the charlie chaplin in the movie city lights

And yet one of the most popular comedians in the world managed to avoid the talkies and produce an acclaimed and beautiful silent movie. City Lights is the story of a blind girl and a little tramp.

Comedy, pathos… In short, a Charlie Chaplin film. In defense of silent film. City Lights is an acknowledged classic, beloved by film buffs and casual viewers alike. It has had a special place in my silent movie collection for quite some time. You see, it was the first silent film that I fell in love with.

A little background is in order, I think. No silents for me!


I was raised sans cable by parents who loved classic movies. When the world was mad for Titanic, I was binging on Bogart. My friends were welcome to DiCaprio and the Backstreet Boys. I had seen Chaplin but I had never SEEN Chaplin I was always surrounded by books in general and history books in particular; I especially liked books on the history of movies.

After a while, though, I started to notice that there were mysterious gaps in the story. Most of the books tended to summarize silent films in a few pages with mentions of Valentino, The Great Train Robbery, the dancing dinner rolls scene from The Gold Rush and a couple words about slapstick.

One day, I decided that I was going to try out these silent films for myself. I was hoping for something with Lon Chaney since I had always heard about his makeup skills.

But where would I see him? Online rentals were just barely getting started and brick-and-mortar stores were still the place to get movies. So I tripped down to my local overpriced Blockbuster and went digging for silents.

An Introduction to Charlie Chaplin - Deadshirt

This was a bit of a challenge as Blockbuster stores, at least all the ones I have been in, do not separate their classics from their modern films. Some folks are mourning Blockbuster.

So, how did it go? Not so good… I hated it. The tape I got was faded and a bit warped, which made the organ score annoying in the extreme. So, strike one for the silents. However, I decided to give them another chance. He pretty much symbolizes silent film, right? To be honest, that was all I knew about him, along with the vague idea that he was considered controversial and that there was an Oscar-winning biopic about his life and career.

Well, it seemed worth a try. I went back and rented a copy of City Lights. And here we are. Silent films are smack-dab between sound movies and books. They ask a lot of the viewer.

An introduction to the charlie chaplin in the movie city lights

When they are done right, silents are hypnotic. They place the viewer into a state that is half-dream, half-concentration. Sound films cannot produce this feeling and I experienced it for the first time with City Lights.

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Well, that was that. I was an addict! I raced around, watching all the silents I could get my hands on. I became very unpopular at movie nights because… well… silent movies. And City Lights started it all.In , Charlie Chaplin's The Circus was released to positive reviews. However, things were starting to change, as silent films were getting replaced with "talkies"—movies with sound.

The first talking picture, called The Jazz Singer, was released in , and many predicted that the silent film. Read my brief introduction to early silent films HERE. Charlie Chaplin was not just a silent movie actor, he was an icon of early cinema.

Chaplin was a writer, director, performer, producer, as well as composer, and the co-founder of revolutionary studio United Artists. Chaplin and Albert Einstein at the City Lights premiere | WikiCommons He knew Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was a guest of honor during the premiere of Chaplin’s movie City Lights in Los Angeles on the 2nd February Charlie Chaplin - City Lights - Film Introduction - Duration: 5 minutes, 40 seconds.

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City Lights is a American pre-Code silent romantic comedy film written, produced, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. The story follows the misadventures of Chaplin's Tramp as he falls in love with a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) and develops a turbulent friendship with an alcoholic millionaire ( Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers, Al Ernest Garcia.

Introduction. The credit title on City Lights, “Music composed by Charles Chaplin”, brought a surprised and indulgent raising of initiativeblog.come of the occurrence of phrases, here and there, from some familiar melodies, inserted, in most cases, for comic effect, and the use of “La Violetera” (“Who’ll Buy My Violets” by José Padilla) as a theme for the blind flower girl, Chaplin.

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