An argument against prayer in school because its wrong

What are some arguments for prayer in school? There are many arguments supporting the view of citizens who favor the return of prayer to public schools. Prayer in school is constitutional and supports the principle of freedom of religion on which the U.

An argument against prayer in school because its wrong

What's Really Wrong with Public Schools? Chilton The usual argument against public education is very convincing. It runs something like this: Public schools have become breeding grounds for violence and sexual promiscuity; they often are outlets for socialist propaganda; they now constitute a formidable enemy of Christianity by teaching evolution and prohibiting prayer and Bible reading and of the family by teaching sex education and deriding traditional authority structures.

No matter what the reason, that is certainly a good result. Unfortunately, the argument above is not as principled as it looks. It is' not an argument against state education, but only against certain perceived ills of public schools as they now exist.

Thus, even among Christians who agree with the argument, you will find the following attitudes: To put it bluntly, we want our socialism, but we want it clean. If only the public schools would teach what we want them to teach, we would be happy to have our children's education funded by legalized theft.

Quite an interesting position, philosophically: As Christians, we do not argue against abortion simply by citing the dangers of malpractice; nor should we consider it sufficient to oppose state education simply because of its evil consequences.

We do not work for safer methods of abortion; nor should we work to improve public schools. According to the Bible see, e. God has appointed civil rulers as His ministers, and their responsibility is to administer His laws. The Bible does not give rulers the power to educate children; that responsibility belongs to the family.

State schools are therefore immoral in principle. Viewed in this light, it is no wonder that the public school system has spawned a generation of illiterate criminals who assume the world owes them a living. According to their parents, the world owed them an education; they're just extending the logic.

The rise in public-school crime and violence is nothing but the humanistic superstructure built on a rotten foundation. It is quite predictable; in fact, it was predicted in Deuteronomy 28, the list of the curses which necessarily fall upon a culture that departs from God's law.

It is also true that some people don't brush their teeth. We should therefore provide free dental care and send bureaucrats to each home every morning and evening, armed with dental floss, to enforce oral hygiene on the population. Where do you draw the line?

You draw the line where God draws it: God has defined the responsibilities and limits of the state, and whenever it falls short of those responsibilities, or transgresses those limits, it is playing god.

The inevitable result is national damnation. No matter what objection you have to all this, it falls the ultimate test: When you say the rural, "moral," community-oriented public schools are still OK, all you're saying is that the full harvest of apostasy hasn't caught up with them yet.

But the fact that none of your bad checks have returned is no justification of forgery. Those wonderful schools are possible only by the illegitimate beneficence of a deified state which plunders your neighbors to give your kids a free lunch.7 reasons why prayer does not belong in public schools: clergy column.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Argument Against the Person (circumstantial) Mr. Goldberg has argued against prayer in the public school. Obviously Mr. Goldberg advocates atheism.

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An argument against prayer in school because its wrong

The Case Against School Prayer The record shows that religious beliefs have flourished in this country not in spite of but because of the constitutional separation of church and state. What Happens When Worship Enters Public Schools?

What's Wrong With A "Voluntary" Prayer Amendment? School prayer could lead to increased tolerance and less bullying in school since it can instill a sense of right and wrong and a love for others above oneself. School prayer will promote good citizenship.

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